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In an increasingly globalized world, learning German gives access to the language, culture, and it is a marketplace of leading European nations mainly Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. While German doesn't have the romantic allure of French, it has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union.. Also German language is among the ten most widely spoken languages in the world.This makes German one of the populous language of the world.

When we discuss on professional level, understanding and speaking second language opens various career opportunities. German is one of the main languages which is widely used in business communication and international diplomacy. Many international conferences, TRADE shows , Global exhibitions etc also use German as their working language.

In business and social settings, being able to interact in a culturally appropriate manner is very essential to successfully close a deal or make a transaction. Also understanding a bit of history and culture helps to make travel more enriching!

Here are some points to be for people interested in learning German:


  1. Germany is the world’s largest exporter of goods varying from raw materials to heavy Machinery (vehicles, parts, chemical products, metals, machines etc.) & is a home to several international corporations. 
  2. If you Know Business language of your clients, it improves your relations and therefore your chances for success.
  1. German is indispensable for study in music, philosophy, physics and many other subjects in various reputed universities and school . 
  2. German is the language that is most often required or recommended in academic programs all across the globe. 
  3. German is an important scientific language and is the second most common on the Internet. After the .com domain, websites ending with .de domain are most popular.
  1. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Speaking German may allow you to communicate with over 100 million individuals all across the globe. 
  2. Tourists from German speaking countries travel wide and far, and are the world’s biggest spenders when on holiday. They appreciate to be looked after by German speaking personnel; hence a good scope in Hospitality industry.
How to Learn German:

You have the old school method of attending a neighboring institute, but with your busy schedule; do you have that much time? And do you think they have the best German language teacher s?

So, what’s the other option..YouTube? Studies say that even learning cooking from preset videos isn’t the best for newbies, one needs interaction/questions/practice!

If you are looking to study German WifiClasses is the place to start with. They offer Live Online Interactive Classes where lessons can either be taken individually or with a group, leading to personal attention for each student's academic and professional development. You can learn at your pace, your places & your time; all you need is an Internet connection!
  1. The German language course offered by WifiClasses is specifically designed to cater all the needs of the students which make them proficient when course gets completed.
  2. From beginner level to expert level, the online exercises are designed according to latest standards of European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  3. Full interactive sessions which are better than physical class rooms! 100% attention!
  4. Flexibility to Learn Anytime, Anywhere!
  5. Integrated Learning Management System for Digital Course Material!
  6. Teacher monitors your progress day by day!

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